Code Energy specializes in network enabled operations and management applications for small to mid-sized companies. Our solutions usually encompass software components from the Open Source community such as the Linux operating system and the Apache web server.

Code Energy's technical staff has a combined experience in software design and development of more than 50 years! Database design and administration, network programming, implementation, deployment, web design and programming, and systems security are examples of the wide range of skills that the technical team possesses.

Our design process flow begins with meeting with the customer to discuss and analyze their needs. After establishing an initial requirements document, we meet again with the customer to ensure we have arrived at a robust solution that satisfies current needs as well as provides room for growth and extensibility. At the customer's request, design reviews and progress reports can be delivered on a set schedule to guarantee budget and delivery status.

Code Energy can bring most traditional businesses into the so-called "New Economy". From a small e-commerce solution to something as complex as an airline reservation system to porting your system from a proprietary platform to an open system.

We believe that the question is not "where would you like to go today?", but rather the real question is "How can I get there ahead of my competitors?". We at Code Energy can give you that answer, plus many more.