Code Energy has the ability to take on tasks in many different arenas. Here are a few examples of the variety of capacities in which Code Energy has helped its customers.

Ecommerce and Inventory sites

Making your inventory available on web site can be invaluable to you as a business. Whether you are simply making your catalog searchable online, or actually selling inventory, allowing your customers to view it through the Internet can be a boon.

Code Energy has been called upon in both capacities.

We designed a full Ecommerce site for a SCSI hard drive redistributor. It allowed customers to search based on several different technical specifications, create a shopping cart of items they wished to purchase, and pay for it - all online. The back end of this project interfaced with an SQL based accounting system to give the customer real time information on both inventory and payment processing.

Another custom project implemented by Code Energy's staff was to design an online catalog for a major plumbing supply manufacturer. This project included making technical specifications and drawings searchable on the web for the company's distributors.

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