Code Energy has the ability to take on tasks in many different arenas. Here are a few examples of the variety of capacities in which Code Energy has helped its customers.

Flight Reservation System

One of the most difficult inventory systems in the world can be found in the airline industry. As a single seat on a plane can be sold in virtually unlimited ways, there are many challenges involved with designing and implementing such a system.

The staff of Code Energy has designed the most recent airline reservation system to date and is currently in use by a well known airline. This product differs vastly from other products on the market in that both the public and the airline administration/reservation center have access to the inventory in real time.

Additional innovations unique to the system include the ability to completely administer it through a basic web browser. This includes operations such as flight scheduling, revenue management and reporting, and gate operations.

Expansion on this project is planned for the future with the TAOS Project (Total Airline Operating System).

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  • Flight Reservation System
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